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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Suspyria (pronounced suss-peer-ee-ah) formed in mid 2018. Originally a passion project between vocalist Terence Stevens (formerly part of Melbourne project Deadfall), and guitarist Mitchell Black. The two clicked and began creating tracks that were a blend of rock and metal with punk elements punctuating their powerful sound. Rounding out the four piece is Beau Grech (drums, formerly Furious George) and Christian Centofani (bass).

Drawing influence from acts such as Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, and A Day To Remember, the band have already started to generate themselves a loyal fanbase on social media. With a production value far beyond their years and the image to boot, Suspyria are about to unleash a new wave onto the scene.

Left to right: Beau Grech (drums), Terence Stevens (vocals/rhythm guitar), Mitchell Black (lead guitar), Christian Centofanti (bass guitar).

Left to right: Beau Grech (drums), Terence Stevens (vocals/rhythm guitar), Mitchell Black (lead guitar), Christian Centofanti (bass guitar).

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 about regression

Regression is the 2019 debut album from Suspyria. The main themes driving Regression are mental health, addiction & relapse. The album reveals the strained mental health experienced by those who stand by and fight for the ones they love who are struggling with addiction.

Oblivion, the first track, a spoken word piece dives the listener into the world Suspyria have created. By the second track (Old Habits Die Hard) our protagonist begins to lose his grip. He’s falling quite literally back into ‘old habits’. After holding his head above water for so long, he slowly starts to give in to the old temptations.  It’s being present while a loved one falls away again, destroying themselves, and trying to help them while they keep crawling back for the next fix. 

By track number six, Lost Colours, our protagonist really starts becoming self-aware about what they’ve done and who they’ve become. It’s about finally battling the demons in your head and overcoming them. It’s the reflection, the struggle, and the victory.

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album credits

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Performed by: Terence Stevens, Mitchell Black

Written by: Terence Stevens, Mitchell Black, Christopher Vernon

Produced by: Christopher Vernon

Videographer: Rachel Aust
Video Editor: Rachel Aust